Trauma & Abuse Therapy

After trauma and/or abuse life can feel like a constant uphill climb, you may find yourself continuing in compulsive patterns of behavior or relationships that you want to alter but cannot seem to change, and you may experience physical ailments that seem to have no cause or be jumpy at seemingly random times. This is life after trauma. Healing can happen.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/Shame Reduction

Sometimes life's experiences can leave us believing messages about ourselves, the world and others that are not helping us reach the goals we desire to reach. These beliefs can prevent us from operating the way we would like in relationships, careers and every other part of life. Change is possible.

Relationships & Codependency

Stuck in a relationship pattern that you want to change but can't seem to stop? Can't seem to set boundaries with yourself or in relationship with others? You may have heard the terms "codependency" or "boundaries". These are not just buzz words; they could change your life. Learning to distinguish what is your responsibility and what is not and accepting what you can and cannot control can be transformative and freeing.

Testing & Assessment

Have you ever wanted to learn more about yourself, what drives your behavior, your way of interacting with others and the world, or just wanted to understand your unique personality and capabilities more thoroughly? Psychological testing is one way to offer immediate insight into the complexity that makes up your way of operating.

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